Anita Smithson

2 M.E.I. means to M-otivate.E-ncourage.I-nspire Others- offering a Solution based tool to help with Overcoming Struggles in your Business- your Life- your Ministry/Calling

Success by Faith…

Today was an amazing day friends, the Subject of my post tonight.. is simple expressing the way I feel about the M.E.I. System (personally). So as I reflect on my day today.. and those who I was surrounded by and those who came within my path today. Those are the words that came to mind.. Success by Faith, see I believe God has gifted me the ability to help others, to M.E.I. others through His word, in their lives and in their businesses. To give them Motivation, Encouragement and Inspiration to MOVE FORWARD, to GO AFTER what they want and to GIVE BACK to others, to life others up… Success by Faith, to USE your God Given Spiritual Gifts the Lord has gifted you for Good of others! I have Faith in the Lord to bring people into my life, to purposefully put people in my path, to gift them a form of M.E.I.

Today I had the opportunity twice today, to M.E.I. women in my life.. one approached me and asked me, what M.E.I. is, what do I do. I had explained to her what it was and how SHE could use it in her life, with those around her and she smiled. Another lady, I approached and asked her for her # because during our time together she was expressing her pain she is going through and some other things… I felt lead to approach her and reach my hand out to her, give her a hug and ask for her info so that I could follow-up and M.E.I. her if it was once a week or daily. WOW, what a blessing in disguise with both situations I grew a friendship and received a new friend as well.

See the lesson, I would like to share with you all tonight is to M.E.I. someone or to use M.E.I. in your daily life… does not have to do with just Business, though it can help it tremendously BUT it also very much so has to do with Everyday living and giving to those around us. Today I saw that again, in my day and in the women I had moments with today. It confirmed to me, in what I am doing and teaching is Where I need to be and What I need to be doing!!!

In the simple act of M.E.I., not only are those who USE it effected in their lives or business, but I am BLESSED and GIVE THANKS to be able to share and use it as well.

* * * So take a moment friend, and ponder… Who could you M.E.I. over the Thanks giving holiday, dinners and gatherings? Who could use a little Motivation, Encouragement and/or Inspiration?? * * *

The M.E.I. System for Success, is NOT just for life, business it is also for YOUR DAILY WALK* if you are a christian or have faith, you can also use it in your journey, your walk, in your witnessing. WOW, what a reflection it was tonight.


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