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That Secret Place… (whatever emmotion you are feeling today, read this)

That Secret Place… wow, what a special place this is Friends, do you know you already have this in your {heart}? If you didn’t know, You just have to seek it friends and you will find it. Ask God to show it to you. He will, this is a special place that is ALL for you, no one can break it or steal it, its YOURS forever. So reassuring, that you are NOT alone.

As I was going to sleep last night, tossing in turning because I just wanted to get back out of bed and begin writting this.. but I didn’t (smile). I awoke this morning, I just felt lead and was so excited to share this with you all today.
Alot of us have at one time or are feeling…. maybe depleated, used/abused, lonely, anxious, sad, hurt, uncertain, unloved, just not right-something is off- basically ANY emmotion that you are feeling at this very moment. This song below is just so comforting @
Alot of people, especially this time of the year things get a little harder, maybe a little sad or feeling of loneliness sets in.. Did you know- Do you really know- ” there is a God who Loves you” a God who has never left you, even when you might of not asked Him to be there for you. He created you and loves you even when you may not love him. Or maybe you walked away from Him, maybe you don’t Completely Trust Him… He has NEVER left your side, He has NEVER stopped loving you.
God is such an amazing Lord, He is our provider, our friend, alpha and omega/ beginning and the end, He is our Savior, our Master, our King (did you know we have an Inheritance that is Glorious, we are Royalty)… this is Right “where I (YOU) belong, Lord. Take me to that place Lord, to that Secret Place Lord” * if you are NOT sure where this place is friend, I can help you discover it please reach out to me in a private message and I can help you, maybe you found it once and lost it- send me a message and lets talk”, God is waiting He has never left you- He is Right There beside you, do you feel Him?

{ Friends a little about my journey in Life…
I was raised in a christian home with very loving parents who showed me “what God’s love was all about- unconditional, never changing” and I have been to church all my life. I knew, what was right and what was wrong. But I do have little bit of a rebel side to me- and friends, even when I knew I was straying I did it anyways. I guess at that point in life, I wanted to prove something to everybody. I wasn’t done sinning. Years went by, I became a single mother to a little boy (now 14) and because of my choices had a very rough life for many years. God is good friends, when I was ready to Trust Him for a bit, He was right there and forgave me. Some more years went by and had another little girl (now 9) still not married, was drinking and not focusing on my relationship with the Lord. The father of my daughter and I got married, had another little boy (now 7) shortly after and after 3 years later divorced, ending in a physical and emmotional abused relationship. * * DID YOU KNOW Friends, God still loved me and forgave me- He got me thru it, then got me up and out of it. Wow what an Amazing God. Well I was so weak and felt so alone, all I had was God- so I leaned on Him again, it got to a point in my life “that” I finally knew what it meant to be on bended knees and lifting it ALL up to Him. Making the Lord, my main Source. Lets bring it Current- through it all friends, the ups and downs of the decisions I made… I am still here, my kids are still here and God has blessed with an amazing NEW husband and 2 more little girls ( now 2 1/2 and 7 weeks old). }
Friends, the Lord will NEVER leave you, no matter what you have done in life or will do in life- He will NEVER stop loving you and never will be mad at you. He will always Forgive. That brings me to my favorite part… “wrap me in your arms, wrap me in your arms”…ooh just writting this, I can feel His arms around me- do you feel them around you? such a comforting feeling this is, isn’t it?
I hope you enjoyed this reading today, my prayer today is that EACH person who comes acrtas this blog today is Blessed beyond words.. that they truely feel the Lord/ His Holy Spirit today.
If you are not a Christian that’s okay too… Find your Secret Place friend, in your heart Where you can feel exactly what the song says. Where you can feel assured, that things will be okay no matter what. That you are taken care of and your heart is right.
Thank you for taking time today to read my blog, I pray that you are blessed today and thru the week. Till next time friends. ~ Anita Smithson

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