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It’s Friday~ Welcome to the Girlfriend Corner! Featuring, Brenda Tate “BrendaBling”

Welcome to the Girlfriends Corner, featuring my girlfriends of my network circle. Each week I will FEATURE a girlfriend of mine, who is Rockin’ her business and enjoys what she does. I encourage you to Connect and begin Networking with her.

* build your networking circle.


This lady brings the Party with her, she is so awesome and so Fun. I just had a party with her this week, and I learned so much- did you know, that you can ADD a broache to the back of your heels to make them “pop” or “bling”.. or you can take your long necklaces and wear them as a belt by attatching to each side of your shirt and then wear a cute jacket over your shirt.

Rockin’ ideas and a fabulous personality = A party my girlfriends would want to go to.

Go BrendaBling! She represents a beautiful jewlery line, Premiere Designs

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hi my name is Brenda Tate AKA “BRENDA BLING”…

I am a Designer with an AMAZING company, Premier Designs, a High Fashion Jewelry Company based out of Dallas, Texas shown in homes across America. We have been in business for 26 years now, and have almost 40,000 representatives in our company nationwide! We exist to Enrich, Inspire, and Encourage the lives of the women we meet! We do this through the personal touch of the homeshow, where we come into your home and do a fun interactive demonstration of the jewelry line, and as a THANK YOU for opening up your home to us and introducing us to your friends- we give you 30% of ALL of the sales in FREE CREDIT for jewelry of your choice! There are also 4 $25 bonuses you can earn in addition to the 30% FREE.  It only takes $100 in sales for ALL of your Hostess Benefits to kick in! This is one of the reasons I chose Premier Designs as the company I wanted to represent, I knew that with this generous of a hostess plan (the most generous I have found yet), I would never be out of business! The other reason I chose Premier is because they pay their Jewelers 50% of everything they sell at the time of the sale, so you get to MAKE YOUR PROFIT every time you sell something!

My Main reason for doing this and why I chose Premier is their purpose, plan, and philosophy!

I love being apart of something so MUCH BIGGER than myself!

I would love to serve you, become your PERSONAL JEWELER, and help you get your wishlist for FREE and 50% off! Or who knows, maybe you need to add some extra income to your family’s budget… I can help you do that too! 🙂:) For more info on me personally check out my Facebook Fan Page: Brenda Bling’s Jewelry Box:

For more info on the company check out:

~ Brenda Bling!


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3 thoughts on “It’s Friday~ Welcome to the Girlfriend Corner! Featuring, Brenda Tate “BrendaBling”

  1. Missie Jammer on said:

    I had soo much fun at the Premier Design party that i went to. Brenda not only knows her stuff, but is hysterically funny. She is the queen of bling and showed us tricks to wear one item different ways. Very creative. I would recommend her and her hostest abilities to anyone who is looking for a reason to get your girlfriends together. OR just needs help with accessorizing. She knows her stuff.

    PS – the pictures in the book do NOT do the jewerly justices at all.

    Thank you Brenda for recommending the different styles of earrings to “try” were right. I loved them all..and bought them. LOL

    I have my wish list….. ❤


  2. Brenda is a jewel herself. Her parties are a blast!

  3. I have never had such an a amazing Hostess for any sort of party, and i have had many, as energetic, positive, fun and passionate about her product then Brenda! What else can i say…she Rocks!

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