Anita Smithson

2 M.E.I. means to M-otivate.E-ncourage.I-nspire Others- offering a Solution based tool to help with Overcoming Struggles in your Business- your Life- your Ministry/Calling

Just Added ~ I am so excited to begin doing this, We are now a PR Friendly Site


Welcome to my PR Friendly Press Kit. I enjoy working with PR. I love helping you promote your products. Ijust want to be able to do it on my terms if that’s OK with all of you, being a mother of 5 children ~ life sometimes has its own timeclock. (smile)

Below you will find information about my two blogs and the current site you are on here~ that will be of interest to you as well as my conditions for helping you with your promotions. I am always available at or connect me on twitter and follow my daily tweets “my morning cup” @ anita_smithson. I also look forward to answering questions or to discuss alternative options, to better fit your offers or products. I look forward to working with you and networking together to GROW each of our business’ and blogs.

Anita Smithson

Product Review Policy

Our family is interested in a wide variety of items and products, that can relate to us as a family and individuals. Other product/s of interest would be: relationships, women, business promoting, healthy eating, organization, coupons, saving money, better lifestyles, clothing, kid related items, men items, pampering and so on.

If you have a product or item, that you would like myself or family to test and review. We would like to help you out. Please contact me by email, for my address, to send the items too.




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2 thoughts on “Just Added ~ I am so excited to begin doing this, We are now a PR Friendly Site

  1. Way to go Anita, i’m in the process of reworking my blog. I have to tell you though I have had great success with giveaways, my followers litterally went upon from 2 didgets to 5. You reach an entirely new audience .Some of my favorite blogs, I would never have found if not for giveaways. I hope I’m not speaking out of turn. Just wanted to share what has worked for me and other very successful blogs. Keep up the great work!

  2. i would love to speak with you more on how to do this (giveaways) and how i can add this to my blog here. thanks for sharing

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