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Featuring, Nicole Simpson in the Girlfriends Corner

Welcome to the Girlfriends Corner- what a Terrific Thursday to be Featuring! I enjoy doing this because I get the honor of putting a well-deserved and successful business woman in the Spotlight! I encourage you to begin networking with her and become friends on facebook and any other social media connections, you may find. Networking and supporting eachother, as business owners and new customers, is the keys to being successful. So enjoy our feature business woman today and connect with her!

Today I am featuring a wonderful lady who such a blessing to know and network with,

NICOLE SIMPSON, she is a Avon representive right here in our local area. * are you a customer or friend of Nicole Simpson, please COMMENT on her feature, @ site- bring traffic to her, as you post and share your comments on her character and service you have received. Thank you so much for helping “give and Endorsement” to Nicole Simpson.

Here is a little about Nicole Simpson and her business with Avon. I work full time in public service, but got started with Avon when I started hearing about all their participation and efforts towards domestic violence awareness.  I was really impressed when I saw everything that the company does for the effort, having had experience as a victim in the past, I have always wanted to try to find ways to help other women that may be suffering from abuse.  $10 later, I was an official representative.  As much as I enjoy how easy it is for me to make money, I really love it when I can sell an item that will benefit the efforts towards helping victims of domestic violence.  To me, that is the ultimate reward Avon has to offer me.

I love that I can participate whenever I want to.  If I need to take time off because I have too much going on in my life, there is no boss for me to check in with, I just take time off.  The freedom was a big thing for me, since I am just getting started back in to my career.  I needed something that I could do whenever I had the time, so I could be available for my job.  My career is my priority in life right now, but it’s nice to have something fun like Avon in the background for when work gets too stressful and I need something a little more lighthearted to participate in. 

I prefer to split my business up, have some customers as web customers and some in person, but with my lack of transportation at the moment, anything outside of Rancho Cordova, and even then, outside of a certain area of it, it’s just not too much of an option for me right now.  I am in the status to be able to sign up others, so if anyone is interested, they can definitely contact me for that as well.  Thanks so much Anita!  This is a really awesome thing you’re doing!  I have a friend that I’m going to be sending your way as well!

Thanks again, and if you need any more info, contact me any time.

Nicole Simpson’s Contact information: Phone (916)716-0425 or email me at

Website @


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2 thoughts on “Featuring, Nicole Simpson in the Girlfriends Corner

  1. Hi nicole! Do you have a facebook page?

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