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What is your New Years ReVolution for 2012?

What is your New Years ReVolution for 2012?

No there is not a typo in my title. I am simply changing the focus of our normal annual goal making and the way we think, going into a new year. So many people make new years {resolutions} each year- do you stick to them and complete them? I would like to ask you- how many make new years {ReVolutions}?

What is the difference you may be asking yourself? Between Resolutions vs. ReVolutions?

Let’s explore this…

RESOLUTIONS, are Commitments we make to bettering ourselves, reaching a goal, setting a goal for the new year- such as eating healthier, reaching a new level at work, working on our relationships and so on. When we make a commitment, we are reaching to be better people or to complete a goal. I have found personal and have heard from others, it is simple to make a commitment- but also simple to NOT follow thru with the commitment, yet to make it again in the future. Are you held accountable by anyone? *that is the key to making commitments, is being held accountable.


REVOLTUIONS, involves making a major change in something or in life. Taking a stance, Declaring a goal or something you desire. A revolution we typically see may result in a major change in our culture, life or economy.This tends to have a “stronger” ambiance about the word, a strong accountability to it. This kind of revolution can also be in our own life, business, ministry and/or church/ personal walk with the Lord. Major change in our families life or personal life style. I would encourage you to share this Revolution with your family and friends, ask them to remind you and ask you about THIS througou the year. Revolutions are BIGGER then just making a goal to eat healthier, reach a higher level at work, being happier.. this is LIFE CHANGING, something that will have a HUGE impact in your life, business, ministry and personal growth in 2012. Wow, how exciting- I hope you are enjoying changing the way think about going into a New Year, 2012 will and can be AmAzing year ahead of you!

So I ask you again… What is Your New Years ReVolution in 2012?

Take sometime and think this over. The next step, is to “Declare it”… Post it here and then SHARE your post to your facebook page- tell your friends and networking circle about your ReVolution.

Challenge them to make ONE themselves. * Just imagine if Everyone in our OWN cirlces, decided to make ReVolutions {instead} of resolutions. How this could change our direct communities. I am very excited to hear from my friends and family. I would love to support you in your New Years ReVolution for 2012

Happy New Year Friends and Family. If you liked this article/post- please SHARE this with your friends and family, in your networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and the links below.

* * Don’t forget to LEAVE me your New Years ReVolution HERE * *


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