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2 M.E.I. means to M-otivate.E-ncourage.I-nspire Others- offering a Solution based tool to help with Overcoming Struggles in your Business- your Life- your Ministry/Calling

Enter to Win { January’s Giveaway }

* * * ENTER TO WIN * * *

(I will Stop accepting Entries, January 20th)

A New Year FULL of Giveaways


Features Tupperware’s Stuffable 3pc. Super Set

“The Best re-useable, microwaveable, flexiable

tupperware products on the market today for Left-Overs!!!”

How To Enter, 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Follow my blog, by email– get updates on giveaways, see my post, be inspired
  2. Connect with ME on Facebook
  3. Follow my Tweets

Once you have Completed those 3 steps, Enter your name HERE under Comments-

Include a way to contact you, incase you are the * * WINNER, Chicken Dinner * *

{ Good Luck, Thanks for connecting with me in 2012 }


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One thought on “Enter to Win { January’s Giveaway }

  1. I subscribed to your blog by email! My favourite tupperware product is the can opener! It works like magic!

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