Anita Smithson

2 M.E.I. means to M-otivate.E-ncourage.I-nspire Others- offering a Solution based tool to help with Overcoming Struggles in your Business- your Life- your Ministry/Calling

{ Feature Your Business }

Move your Business Forward in 2012…

By getting MORE exposure, endorsements, advertisement and more! Start HERE

* * * Each Week I will be featuring Amazing Women and HardWorking Men, that I feel deserve to be spotlighted and I personally think are pretty awesome. I have dedicated a very special place for this on my personal blog. Welcome to the Girlfriends Corner and/or Man Cave * also encourge Couples that own their business together to be featured.

 I believe in paying it forward, to the people I network with. The more you give to others, the more it comes back to you- not always in material things but in rewards of the { heart } and appreciation. * TIP: The more your Name. website or email is ATTATCHED with you via the internet- you begin to move up in the ranks amongst your fellow business partners.

Please follow the Instructions below to be considered for Feature:

* Go back to the main page, Please go the Guest Log In button and follow process.
(The List Below is what I am asking of all who apply to be Featured)
* Tell me about your business- include name of business, your purpose for your business
* Share What Inspires you to do the business
* Favorite Quote or Saying
* attach a Profile picture of your self
* attach pictures of your product (optional)
* your business contact information
* your website or blog address
* your facebook link
* your twitter link
* advice you would give to a future entrepreneur? (optional)

 When I receive your email,  I will then schedule a date (wednesday or friday) for you. I will send a response/confirmation email with the scheduled date, so you can put that in your calendar. On the date we confirm, you will then see your business information as “the spotlight” of my blog that day. In Return, I do ask that you help me promote my Blog with your Featured Post on your social platforms the day of your Feature- facebook, twitter, etc. I encourage you to {direct} your customers/friends to leave a Comment underthe Link on my blog for your Feature * get endorsements  and drive your RANK in searches up. Which means, higher exposure levels for you and your business.

Please send in ONE email to

Looking forward to supporting your business and featuring you in 2012

~Anita Smithson


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