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Welcome, Today I am excited to Feature Evan & Shannon Thorbus with Kids Studio of Fine Arts

Welcome today I am featuring an amazing couple who have a unique business catered towards children of all ages. I am excited to feature this company, as I have been intersted in bringing my kids myself here.


 Evan and Shannon Thorbus are the creative force behind Kids Studio of Fine Arts.  The husband and wife partnership are the proud parents of Noah (11) and Mae (7).  Evan and Shannon were given the opportunity to purchase the Kids Studio of Fine Arts after Shannon worked as an Art Instructor for the previous owner for 2 ½ years.  They are passionate about bringing art into the lives of those around them.

 For Evan and Shannon, what sets Kids Studio of Fine Arts apart is their goal of reaching and helping each budding artist to grow at their own level of creativeness!   Classes are offered for kids ages 2 and up to adults.  There are also a series of classes designed specifically for Homeschoolers.

  Kids Studio of Fine Arts is located in Roseville, this unique business is becoming very well-known throughout the community.  Ask them about their FREE trial Art Classes each week (no strings attached).

Contact the Kids Studio of Fine Arts today!

(916) 774-ARTS



Kids Studio of Fine Arts is located at: 2009 Opportunity Drive Roseville, Ca 95678 (next to Byers Gymnastics)


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Our Very talented Instructors teach the Fine Arts to all levels by using age appropriate lessons and methods. We provide a nurturing, non competitive artistic environment for ages 2-Adult. You or your child will be provided with only the finest quality supplies while being introduced to many different techniques, materials and mediums for optimal artistic growth. A relaxing Studio environment is created by using soft music and plenty of visual aids to optimize the students focus and imagination. Here at Kids Studio of Fine Arts we acknowledge and embrace the theory that each budding artist will grow and develop at his or her own individual pace and we welcome all levels! *PLEASE CALL US TODAY TO SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIAL ART CLASS!

(916) 774-ARTS


Building Your Brand. Part 1: Defining Your Business Purpose – by Dan Wilson

Good Morning!

I asked these questions in our CBON group today:

What is the PURPOSE of your Business? What is the essence of what you are doing? Have you Defined what it is? (Take time in the next week to do so)

I encourage you to read this article that I found, regarding your Purpose for your business. This is wonderful. As I am looking to define my purpose for my business, as we spoke about in our CBON meeting. I found this article helpful.

Define Who you are? Define Your Purpose/ Your Brand? What is your Essence of what you are doing and providing? (really liked that one)

Enjoy Friends!

Building Your Brand. Part 1: Defining Your Business Purpose – by Dan Wilson.

Welcome to the Girlfriends Corner, featuring today TAMI BUSH

Welcome to the Girlfriends Corner, today I am featuring

TAMI BUSH with Beauti Control

Tami Bush has been working as an independent consultant for Beauticontrol for a year and a half. I can honestly say it is the best job I have ever had. I get to make my own hours, be my own boss and make woman feel beautiful about themselves. I am a mother and a wife and love every minute of it. We have been living in TX for about a year now but are ready to get back to So Cal.

At BeautiControl we offer complimentary in home spas. It’s a great way to get your friends together for an hour of pampering and relaxation. I actually started off by using the products, fell in love with the products and then started the business. What I love about the company is we have been around for over 30 years, the products actually work, we’re not expensive and we get to make woman feel beautiful. I am also looking to network. If you are interested in hosting a free relaxation spa party, looking for new products or interested in being your own boss please contact me.     

805 231 7331

” Is God your Business Coach?”, Read this…

WHO IS YOUR BUSINESS COACH? Have you Hired one yet?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So as the week comes to an end, I am pretty excited for Friday. As we are launching our “Christian Business Owners Networking” Group here in Roseville, Ca. We will be meeting for our first meeting, THIS FRIDAY @ 6:30pm in Roseville. We are looking forward to connecting with other business owners in our community and building a networking group, amongst other believers.

As I am preparing for the meeting and taking notes, to present at the meeting. I came across this post on FaithFull Cross website, “Is God Your Business Coach?” I thought that my readers would enjoy reading and taking this in themselves, as you can ask yourself this question. And know HE is just a prayer away.

{ Business coaches are a popular group of people these days.  We all look for and seek the advice of others.  Sometimes due to our own indecisiveness or maybe even to our lack of self-confidence in our own ideas and abilities, whatever the case, you may at one time or another as a business owner, seek the advice of a business coach.

However, business coaches can be an added expense that you may or may not be ready to pay for, however, there is an alternative for us as Christian business owners, which is to allow God to be your business coach.

God is all knowing and all powerful and is every where at once, so why would we ever doubt that He would be able to solve our business issues and problems or not be able to guide us properly in our business decisions.  He is the ultimate coach and someone we should definitely be going to first with our business.  After all, He knows us and our business better than we do ourselves.
With God coaching is easy it is merely a matter of prayer.  And even better, God is available to us anytime we want, literally twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.  There is no making an appointment, worrying about a busy signal or having to play phone or email tag. 

This should make it even more appealing for us to go to God as our business coach.  After all, do we not all seek less hassle and an easier way of handling our tough business decisions? Plus, God can see the bigger picture, He knows what is around the next bend.  Even the best of business coaches out there today do not have that ability.

So, the next time you’re wondering about hiring a business coach, and you are unsure about it, or you don’t have the funds to back it up,  consider allowing God to be your coach.  You won’t be disappointed and you’ll likely be more enlightened than you would have been if you had foot the bill for one of the best coaches out there today. 

You will be glad you spent the time with God to invest in your business, because really that’s all God asks for is your time, then he’ll guide you every step of the way.  There will no longer be the need to hire someone and the stress you were most likely experiencing will be a thing of the past. 
So, join the ranks of those who have a business coach and hire God as your business coach today.  He’s just a simple prayer away.  He won’t let you down! }

Regarding: our Christian Business Owners Networking Group in Roseville CA- please contact Anita Smithson by email or follow the LINK to join the group.

What is your New Years ReVolution for 2012?

What is your New Years ReVolution for 2012?

No there is not a typo in my title. I am simply changing the focus of our normal annual goal making and the way we think, going into a new year. So many people make new years {resolutions} each year- do you stick to them and complete them? I would like to ask you- how many make new years {ReVolutions}?

What is the difference you may be asking yourself? Between Resolutions vs. ReVolutions?

Let’s explore this…

RESOLUTIONS, are Commitments we make to bettering ourselves, reaching a goal, setting a goal for the new year- such as eating healthier, reaching a new level at work, working on our relationships and so on. When we make a commitment, we are reaching to be better people or to complete a goal. I have found personal and have heard from others, it is simple to make a commitment- but also simple to NOT follow thru with the commitment, yet to make it again in the future. Are you held accountable by anyone? *that is the key to making commitments, is being held accountable.


REVOLTUIONS, involves making a major change in something or in life. Taking a stance, Declaring a goal or something you desire. A revolution we typically see may result in a major change in our culture, life or economy.This tends to have a “stronger” ambiance about the word, a strong accountability to it. This kind of revolution can also be in our own life, business, ministry and/or church/ personal walk with the Lord. Major change in our families life or personal life style. I would encourage you to share this Revolution with your family and friends, ask them to remind you and ask you about THIS througou the year. Revolutions are BIGGER then just making a goal to eat healthier, reach a higher level at work, being happier.. this is LIFE CHANGING, something that will have a HUGE impact in your life, business, ministry and personal growth in 2012. Wow, how exciting- I hope you are enjoying changing the way think about going into a New Year, 2012 will and can be AmAzing year ahead of you!

So I ask you again… What is Your New Years ReVolution in 2012?

Take sometime and think this over. The next step, is to “Declare it”… Post it here and then SHARE your post to your facebook page- tell your friends and networking circle about your ReVolution.

Challenge them to make ONE themselves. * Just imagine if Everyone in our OWN cirlces, decided to make ReVolutions {instead} of resolutions. How this could change our direct communities. I am very excited to hear from my friends and family. I would love to support you in your New Years ReVolution for 2012

Happy New Year Friends and Family. If you liked this article/post- please SHARE this with your friends and family, in your networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and the links below.

* * Don’t forget to LEAVE me your New Years ReVolution HERE * *

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