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2 M.E.I. means to M-otivate.E-ncourage.I-nspire Others- offering a Solution based tool to help with Overcoming Struggles in your Business- your Life- your Ministry/Calling

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Impact Yourself, Your Community & Your World

Do it today! See the Difference Tomorrow and Days to come.

I just love what this picture says and love what it stand for. Do you know you have the Power to do just what it says. The power to influence all that is around you and much more. Just by making a decision to Change the World around you! To take “I” out of your focus and out “Others” in its place, Make the Focus on Others around you- 2 M.E.I. others. How? By asking people in your life a simple question:

{ How can I m.e.i. you today? }

 What you are doing by asking this question is showing the person you care about them and what to know how you can Motivate, Encourage and Inspire them today! 

Let’s TOGETHER Change our World, one day at a time.

Using the M.E.I. system in our Daily Lives 


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